How to Enable AutoSave Feature in Microsoft Office Suite

Thanks to this advance Autosave and AutoRecovery features in Office Application and Office 365 that prevents data loss by automatically saving documents at regular intervals. For few users the features sometimes may not work or disabled. So in this Windows guide we will let you through the process to enable the AutoSave feature for Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

What is AutoSave?  

AutoSave is a useful feature available in Microsoft Office Suite. This new feature in Word, Excel and PowerPoint auto save your open files after few seconds. While working on any important document or project you no longer needed to be worried about losing your work during a crash or power outage.

Enable AutoSave Feature in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

In Microsoft Office AutoRecovery or auto save feature enables users to set a time interval to locally save an open file. The default interval time is set to 10 minutes which means it will auto save a document you are currently working on after every 10 minutes. In case if something happen unexpectedly like power failure, system crashes or you closed a file without saving then luckily you can recover it later on.

So follow our detail guide to enable this important AutoSave feature to save your documents locally on your PC.

1. Open up any Office Application either Word, Excel or PowerPoint from your start menu or with the shortcut on your desktop.

2. From the open window click on File

Auto save office

3. Scroll to the bottom of menu list then and select Option

autosave ms office

4. A screen will pops up

5. Click on Save button

how to enable autosave in Microsoft Office

6. In Save section of the document make sure to check the option in front of (“Save AutoRecover information every (1-10) minutes”).

enable auto save features full guide

If most often you forget to save open documents without saving then keep check the option of “keep last autosaved version if I close without saving” as shown in this screenshot below:

If you have completed all the above mentioned steps accordingly then you have successfully set up Autosave features on your Microsoft Office Suite. You can manually set the time interval between 1-10 minutes depending on your personal preference.


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