How to Turn Off Notifications in Google Chrome

Every modern Web Browser comes with the services like Desktop Notification. It is a useful feature that allows you to receive news updates, match score and email while keep doing your work. But recently spammer started misusing this feature by showing adware and sometimes injects malware into your Chrome browser. It also becomes annoying when every site ask you for location access to send you notifications.

how to block chrome notification
If you are fed up of irrelevant and annoying notifications here is how to turn off notifications in Google Chrome. You can easily disable notifications from any site by following this simple guide. In Chrome web browser you can turn off notification feature either for all sites or for a specific site.

How to turn off Chrome notifications

This whole process is simple and easy just follow our step by step tutorial.

  1. From the open browser window click on the Chrome Menu Icon shown in the upper right corner or type shortcut (Alt+F) from your keyboard.
disable notifications chrome

     2. Scroll down till the end of the >Setting page and from here click on Advance Setting menu.

turn off notifications chrome

    3. From Privacy and Security section click on the Site Setting the second last option in this list.

    4. From the Permission section click on Notification in front of bell icon as shown below.

how to turn off notifications chrome

Here you have two options to choose from

    a). Ask before sending (recommended)

how to disable notifications chrome

    b). Blocked

disable notifications google chrome

Let us describe the each one:

If you choose the first option which is also Chrome default option for Notifications setting, each site you will visit requires your permission to show notifications.

As its name implies the second option will block all the notification as well as no site will further ask you for notification permission. If you want to completely get rid of alerts and notifications then I will recommend you to go with the second option.

It’s all done, enjoy surfing the web securely!   


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