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Free Movie Apps and TV Show Apps for Android

Download Best Free Movie Apps and  TV  Streaming Apps for Android  Free Movie Apps:  While searching the web for android movie app you will only end up with a bunch of apps that are either fake or potentially harmful. Most of you might be looking for free alternative to Hulu and Netflix as you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars annually for movie streaming and TV shows. So in this scenario you got a very limited option but luckily today we came up with best, legitimate and free apps for android users to watch unlimited movies and TV shows online. Most importantly the best movie apps in this list are totally legal and fair to use. Keeping in view the users privacy and security each and every app can be downloaded directly from Google Play store. Some of these apps for movies can be downloaded in APK file that you can latter on install on your android device.      There are hundreds of thousands of online apps available but we will share only top rated free movie apps that are guarant