Windows 7 Product Keys 100% Working Serial Keys

Windows 7 is still considered to be the most popular operating system even after successful release of windows 8 and windows 10 by Microsoft. Windows 7 is mostly used by universities, firms, offices and organizations as it is best professional operating system available.
What’s Special About Windows 7?
There are several useful features of windows 7 which make it stand out from other operating systems. The best thing about windows 7 is its creative user-friendly interface as well as elegant start menu and full of features environment.

Window 7 Product Keys Serial Key [2020]
For organizations and offices users, we always suggest to please use genuine version of windows 7 ISO and original windows 7 product keys or serial key to activate your copy of windows 7. This post is especially written for students only who require windows 7 product key or activation key to activate any version of windows to benefit from all the premium features of windows 7.
If you are a student then this post is a…

Best Free Chrome Screenshot and Recording Extensions

Chrome Screenshot extensions comes in handy when recording videos and capturing screens. We required to capture our screen activities in order to manage our routine task properly. This could be either for YouTube tutorials, recording online meetings or capturing a game session. All this possible with the help of useful Google Chrome extensions and plugins freely available on Chrome web store.

So far screen capturing apps helped millions of users from all walks of life to manage their everyday task in the most effective way possible. Moreover, chrome video, screens and audio management plugins make life easy by enabling you to edit, save, draft and publish your content online.

How to Free Download Chrome Screen Recording Extension
Although Chrome web store is full of free screenshot and recording extension but choosing the right one could still be a challenging task. But don’t worry as today we will share most useful, popular and free chrome recording extension with detail thus making …

How to find and Enable Bluetooth in Windows 10

Mostly of the laptop and mobile phone devices came with built in Bluetooth functionality. If you have laptop with Windows 10 and facing problem to find or enable Bluetooth don’t worry here is the quick guide to help you resolve the issue. In this tutorial we will let you know how to find Bluetooth in windows 10 as well as share your pictures, document or whatever you like using your Windows 10 device.    How to Enable Bluetooth in Windows 10 There are two easy and simple ways to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10.
The first method to enable Bluetooth in Windows 10 is to open up Windows Action Center with a mouse click or use short cut from keyboard by pressing Windows logo key + A. Click Expand to reveal all the options and from here click on Bluetooth icon to enable it.

The second method to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10 is to just press and hold Windows key + I from your key board and this will open Windows settings.
From Windows setting screen click on Devices icon as shown in the…

Download Best Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10

Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10 free download to create stunning videos and slides. Windows 10 Movie Maker is the best video editing software available to download free from Microsoft Store.With Windows Movie Creator:Free Video Editor you can create almost any type of video project to share with you family and friends.

If you want to spice up your everyday video project then Windows movie makeris the best choice for not only individual as well as for professionals. It now came up with advance video editing features and support all popular video format such as MP4 and MOV that gives your video story a professional touch.
Important Features of Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10 Below are some useful and important features of Movie Maker Windows 10 also known as Windows Movie Creator that makes it stands out from other video editing software. The most noticeable feature is that it’s Free to use.
1. It boosts industry standard video trimming features. You can trim several different par…

How to Enable Dark Mode for Chrome in Windows 10

Windows 10 user with Google chrome version 74 or above can now enable the new dark mode. Once enabled the dark mode it will apply a dark interface to your Chrome web browser.

Microsoft Edge and Firefox already supporting the dark theme and now chrome user can also apply the same features by following these simple steps below.

Google Chrome Dark Mode and How to Enable it in Windows 10 Long awaited supercool built-in dark theme rolling out individually for Google Chrome version 74 and above. To enable this features you need to update your Chrome version to the latest. Read our Guide on How To Update Google Chrome to the Latest Version.
After updating Chrome you just need to switch your default app color system to the dark one in windows 10. Here is how to do this.
1. From you keyboard type and hold Windows key + I 2. Select Personalization from the Windows settings page

3. Under Personalization menu select Colors option 4. Under “Choose your default app mode” Select Dark

All set! You h…

Microsoft Windows Installer Download Latest Version

Download  Microsoft Windows Installer latest version for all supported Windows operating system. It is one of the important component of Windows operating system. Microsoft Windows Installer lets you manager all types of software programs including installation, uninstallation and removal.

The latest version of Microsoft Windows Installer supports advance GUI framework and most importantly creation of automatic uninstallation sequence that makes whole the process flexible and easy for windows users. As compare to older API components commonly being used in earlier Windows operating system the latest Windows Installer 4.5 and 5.0 uses industry standard feature focusing enhanced user interface.
Download Windows Installer 4.5 and 5.0
Before you proceed to download Windows Installer make sure to download compatible version as per requirement of your current Windows operating system. You also required to confirm whether you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit version.

So all you need to do is v…

Free Movie Apps and TV Show Apps for Android

Download Best Free Movie Apps and TV Streaming Apps for Android 
Free Movie Apps: While searching the web for android movie app you will only end up with a bunch of apps that are either fake or potentially harmful. Most of you might be looking for free alternative to Hulu and Netflix as you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars annually for movie streaming and TV shows. So in this scenario you got a very limited option but luckily today we came up with best, legitimate and free apps for android users to watch unlimited movies and TV shows online.

Most importantly the best movie apps in this list are totally legal and fair to use. Keeping in view the users privacy and security each and every app can be downloaded directly from Google Play store. Some of these apps for movies can be downloaded in APK file that you can latter on install on your android device. 
There are hundreds of thousands of online apps available but we will share only top rated free movie apps that are guaranteed to w…