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Write For Us – Get Free Traffic and Backlinks

So, you want to increase your blog traffic, right?

We are receiving lots of E-mails regarding guest blogging on ‘Windows Feed’. So, for you guys we’re again on the mark and providing an opportunity without any delay to write guest posts here. Isn’t the best deal for you?

Why Guest Blogging?

Have you ever thought? Why most of the bloggers write guest blog posts? Let me explain, guest blogging give you an opportunity to share your ideas and experience with the world.

Type of Articles We Approve?

The type of articles we approve here are:

  • Freebies
  • Software Reviews
  • Tech News
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • WordPress
  • How to
  • Social media
  • Link building

Guest Posting Guidelines:

You must have to follow our guidelines to get approved for guest blogging:

  1. The article must be written in English.
  2. Article must contain at least 700 words. The more lengthy the post, the more bright chances to get approved quickly.
  3. Every blog post that you’ll write here must be unique. It should not have plagiarized content. Post must pass copyspace test. If we found any plagiarized content, we reserve the right to decline your submission request.
  4. If we found same article on the web before and after publication or you republish it somewhere else, we reserve the right to remove your content as well as ban your account from Windows Feed.
  5. Post must be relevant to the topics that we have mentioned above.
  6. Must include headings and sub heading in your post (H1 or if possible use H2, and H3).
  7. Post must contain one image relevant to the topic that you’ll write. If you’re using a copyright image then must give them image credit at the end of the post.
  8. We will not accept any Self-promotional articles.
  9. Make sure to proofread your post.
  10. We reserve the rights to edit or remove any irrelevant or useless links from post. You’re welcome to include your blog or page link in the author bio section.
  11. Must include a short author bio at the end of your post.
  12. After getting published must check your post daily (minimum one week) and reply all the comments of readers on your post.

If you are not following any of these guidelines, then don’t waste your time for submitting your guest post here. We will decline your submission request immediately. Plus, after getting published your article if we found you in violating our guidelines, we reserve the right to remove all your links, posts and your account as well.

Benefits of Guest posting on Windows Feed:

Okay! So, you’re now desperately waiting to write guest posts here. Right? But…. wait for a while to know some more secret advantages of guest posting here:

  • Get more traffic & exposure. Also, get loyal readers and comments from here to your site.
  • Each article you submit here will get 1 dofollow backlinks in the author bio section.
  • Increase your credibility, presence and reputation in blogging community.
  • We will promote your article on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and on various other social media networks to promote your post through our weekly mailing list to get more exposure.
  • If we found your article is good enough for our readers then we offer you as a regular contributor to our site.

How to submit articles on Windows Feed?

Are you ready to submit your first article on Windows Feed?

  1. Visit our Contact Us page and Send your proposal (including 3 respective headlines)  
  2. Must complete your profile (author bio)
  3. You must have an avatar
  4. Must insert one image within the post and complete all the field of SEO.
  5. We will review your post (grammar & plagiarism check) within 2-3 days.

After approval feel free to send your guest post through attachment of .txt, .doc, .docx file or paste directly in the body of email.

If you have already published guest posts somewhere else. Send us Link to those articles for quick approval.