How to Keep Windows Computer Free From Errors

How to Keep Windows Computer Free From Errors

With computers and technology getting more and more mainstream, sophisticated and advanced, keeping your Windows computer free from errors has changed quite a bit with how fast technology has grown in such a short period of time.

There are many things you can do on a regular basis in order to keep your computer free from various errors such as Err_Connection_Reset on Chrome, BSOD errors on startup and any other computer issues in general.

1. Installing an Anti-Virus Program

One of the most important and necessary programs to have installed on your Windows computer nowadays is a good antivirus program. With viruses becoming easier to catch than ever, it’s very important to have a good antivirus software running at all times constantly keeping your computer protected from viruses and malware. There are many great antivirus solutions out there, some free, while the better ones are paid.

2. Running an optimizer program

Running a well trusted and reputable program such as CCleaner can also hugely benefit your computer and keep it free from errors and prevent them from coming up in the future. CCleaner can help optimize storage space by freeing up space on your computer deleting unnecessary files such as caches, recycling bin files, etc. which can all help to get more space on your computer. CCleaner also features a built in Registry cleaner, which scans the registry for incomplete or unnecessary records and removes them.

3. Disable Start-up Programs

You can view the programs that are set to open upon startup on your computer by going into Task Manager > Startup, or by downloading a program that manages startup programs such as StartUpLite. Having too many programs start up at the same time at computer bootup can lead to many issues and errors, especially if there are programs in your startup section that you uninstalled, which will result in an error every time you boot your computer saying “(insert program name here) cannot be found”.

4. Update your computer regularly

Make sure that you run Windows Update on a daily or weekly basis. New Windows Updates are constantly released on a daily basis and many of them fix bugs and critical security patches, which are vital to keeping your computer as secure as possible. Generally Windows automatically runs windows update and updates your computer automatically however this only works if you enabled that option when you first setup your computer, which is why in any case it’s a good idea to manually open Windows Update regularly and check for updates.

5. Update your computers drivers

If you custom built your computer, the maker of the motherboard in your computer usually has an All-in-One driver update utility you can download from the manufacturers website, which once installed can notify you when you have new driver updates available for your whole computer and download updates all in one place. If you have a pre-built desktop computer or laptop, most manufacturers also have a tool similar to this available in the “Downloads” section of your computer on your computer manufacturer’s support page for your device.

6. Update your Video Card Drivers

Making sure your video card drivers are up to date is one of the most important drivers to update on a regular basis. As your video card produces all the graphics and picture that you see on your display, and these are constantly updated with patches and fixes to make your computer run better. You can get video card driver updates by going to your card manufacturers’ website, such as Nvidia, AMD, or Intel. All of these manufactures offer their own utility usually pre-loaded when you download the drivers to automatically update video card drivers without having to manually visit the site and downloading it every single time.

These are things you can do on a regular basis to keep your computer healthy and error free. Take care of your computer, and it will take care of you!

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