Windows 7 Ultimate ISO 32-64 Bit Full Versions Free Download

As windows 7 iso is no longer available to download on Microsoft official website without a genuine product key, so most of you might be looking for a clean genuine and ultimate windows 7 iso full version free to download 32 bit and 64 bit files.

What’s Make Windows 7 Stands out from the Rest?

Windows 7 is still considered as the most professional and popular operating system even after release of windows 8 and windows 10. Windows 7 is widely being used in most organizations specially industries, schools, colleges, offices, thus proving it to be the most trusted operating system out there.

Noticeable New Features of Windows 7

1. Improved Task Bar

With improved new taskbar in windows 7 you can drag and pin your favorite program in whatever way you like. You will also get a quicker taskbar preview that will show the status of all application opened in the windows.

2. Libraries

Libraries are yet another cool feature of windows 7 that will combine your favorite files located in different drives into one consolidated folder or library to access everything at one place.

3. Windows XP Mode

If you are a fan of windows XP then you can turn your windows 7 into a fully functional windows XP mode. You just need to download some extra files and also make sure that your PC supports the windows XP mode.

4. Themes Customization

Windows 7 lets you improve the user experience by customizing your themes setting.

Mostly people love to constantly change their desktop themes and this really a great feature in windows 7. There are hundreds of themes available online to spice up your conventional windows 7 desktop.

5. Search Box

With this added feature in windows 7 you can search almost anything within your computer. Just click on windows explorer located on top of the screen and search for media, files, documents or anything you like.

How to Download and Install Windows 7 Ultimate ISO

Today we let you go thorough the complete process of downloading and installation of windows 7 ultimate on your PC via iso file. If you don’t have a windows 7 product key please follow Method 2 to download and install windows 7 ultimate iso free.

For those who have a windows 7 product key they can download windows 7 ultimate 32-64 bit iso from Microsoft official website by following our Method 1:

Method 1:

Before you continue to the next step you must have a 25 character windows 7 product key

  • Visit this link that will take you to the Microsoft official windows 7 download page
  • Here you will see a box asking you to enter product key as shown below
  • Click on verify button
  • After verification of your windows 7 product you will be provided with a link to download windows 7 ISO

Method 2:

In our method 2 we will let you through the process to downloading windows 7 genuine iso in case you don’t have a windows 7 product key.

  • Download windows 7 ISO by going through this link 
  • After downloading the iso you need a USB drive and program like Rufus to create bootable flash drive.
  • Download latest version of Rufus here
  • Open Rufus and select the ISO image file you downloaded above
  • Click on start button and within ten minutes your bootable windows 7 will be ready to install


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