Best Free Chrome Recording Extensions

Chrome Screenshot extensions comes in handy when recording videos and capturing screens. We required to capture our screen activities in order to manage our routine task properly. This could be either for YouTube tutorials, recording online meetings or capturing a game session. All this possible with the help of useful Google Chrome extensions and plugins freely available on Chrome web store.So far screen capturing apps helped millions of users from all walks of life to manage their everyday task in the most effective way possible. Moreover, chrome video, screens and audio management plugins make life easy by enabling you to edit, save, draft and publish your content online.

How to Free Download Chrome Screen Recording Extensions

Although Chrome web store is full of free screenshot and recording extension but choosing the right one could still be a challenging task. But don’t worry as today we will share most useful, popular and free chrome recording extension with detail thus making it easy for you to choose the right one for your upcoming project.


Nimbus is becoming increasingly popular chrome extension for capturing screenshot and recording videos in 4K. Nimbus also makes it easy for users to record either a full screen a specific part of screen. The best thing about Nimbus chrome extension is that it also enables you to perform your recording task while staying offline. Another cool features include blur tool to hide sensitive part, highlight tool to spotlight specific screen area and much more.

Download Nimbus 


Screencastify is the most popular and user friendly screen recording extension for Chrome. It allows users to save their captured videos and screenshots directly to their Google drive. It is very useful features that let you access your important video projects online from anywhere in the world. Other features include real-time video customization, webcam and HD audio recording, you can also export videos directly to YouTube.

Download Screencastify


While comparing features Loom is similar to Screencastify but one big advantage it has over Screencastify is that it has no limits on video recording length. With Loom extension for Google chrome you can record almost any sort of video coupled with very initiative user interface. Some cool features include various video recording webcam views, video trimming, video conversion, customization, adding reaction and much more.

Download Loom


As its name suggest Awesome Screenshot is really awesome when it comes to unlimited screen capturing and video recording. With over 2 Million users worldwide makes it one of the best screen capture & image annotation tool for Google chrome users. It lets you either capture a part or a whole screen, add blur and export to Google driver or locally any device.

Download Awesome Screenshot


If you are an entrepreneur or own a marketing agency then Hippo Video chrome extension is the right choice for you. It has some really cool feature that usually not provide by a screen and video recording extension. For example it helps you through your sales and marketing efforts by providing real time user statistics, customer reviews, makes brand logos, create catalog and much more.

Download Hippo Video

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