What is Brave Browser? How to Download Brave Browser

Brave browser is an open source web browser similar to Firefox and Chrome. However Brave Browser offers some really cool features that makes it stand apart from the other browser on the market.

What is Brave Browser?

Similar to other browser brave offers same set of functionality like surfing the web, downloading apps, watching movies and plying online games. You can download Brave browser for PC, Mac and Android for free.

What Makes Brave Browser Unique from others

 Brave browser developer Brendan Eich is one of the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox web browser. While braver is a relatively newcomer in the world of web browsing but it’s getting increasingly popular. The core objective behind the creation of brave Browser was ultimate user privacy ad free web experience and blockage of website trackers. The ads will be replaced by with the Eich’s company own ads. Brave browser is consistent with its policy to protect customer privacy by sharing only a less amount of data with the ad customer.

Firefox Vs Brave Browser

Firefox web browser has some really cool features that are closely related to the brave Browser.  What differentiate brave web browser from Firefox is that Firefox has no private browsing experience for its customer. Yet another cool feature of brave browser that makes it worth installing is its automatic HTTPS secure connection.  If you are visiting a webpage that is not HTTPS secure then Brave will automatically redirect you to a secure version of the page.  Firefox and brave browser are somehow comparable in features and functionality for example you can get the same set of functionality in Firefox by installing its Add-ons and plugins. But Brave make things hassle-free for you.

Is Brave Browser Worth Downloading?

As per Brave latest announcement it passes 20 Million monthly active users worldwide. In nutshell brave browser is a fast, reliable and user friendly web browser that comes with various customization options. So why not to give brave a try and test its unique features.

How to Download Brave Browser

The best part is that brave browser is free to download having stable release for various platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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